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The Lighthouse Social Enterprise (SE) is an organization that has been leading and fighting for the Rights, Equity, Health and Development of the LGBTI+ community in Vietnam since 2004.

We work through empowering and building the capacity of communities to speak up and advocate for Evidence-Based Rights, provide healthcare services to advance the Integral Health of the community, community mobilize an inclusive, cohesive, and growing community to ensure no one is left behind.

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Our vision is a healthy future for Vietnamese LGBTI+ community with achievements in terms of Rights, Equality and Sustainable Development


Our mission is to empower communities with full capacity, promote community’s participation and raise community’s voice in evidence-based advocacy, increase access and use of inclusive health care services inclusive, together with mobilize an inclusive and cohesive community that ensures no one is left behind.

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Our Purposes

  • Ensure the inclusive, equal and comprehensive development of LGBTI+ individuals and organizations in society.
  • Ensure the health and healthy life of individuals in the LGBTI+ community.
  • Enhance community capacity and promote community’s mutual contribution to social values.
  • Ensure family space, workplace space, study space, entertainment space inVietnam are all safe and LGBTI+ friendly.

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Be with Lighthouse, on the journey heading toward Equity, Health, and The Sustainable Development of the Vietnamese LGBTI+ community