The Communication – Policy Advocacy Class that took place on February 16-18 in Ho Chi Minh City has officially closed the Rainbow Youth Academy 2022 Training Series. Let us walkthorugh useful knowledge throughout the class!

In the first two days, the trainees were guided by Lawyer Dinh Hong Hanh in matters related to specific regulations such as the proposed Gender Identity Law, the draft Law on Gender Transformation, relevant regulations, etc. related to LGBTIQ+ people as well as state apparatus diagram and communication skills on the policy advocacy process,…

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The Students and Organizers

They would also practice doing group exercises on policy analysis and plan to do some content on communication and advocacy in your locality and groups such as:

    1. Communicating about the draft Law on gender transition with transgender group in Dong Nai, Binh Duong, HCMC;
    2. Communicating on the National Strategy on Gender Equality for the period 2021 – 2030, goals on health;
    3. Media on marriage equality towards advocating for amending the Law on Marriage and Family, in cooperation with socio-political organizations such as the local Women’s Union;….
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In the next two days, Mr. Pham Khanh Binh continued to bring to the trainees communication content such as:

    1. Understanding concepts & elements in communication,
    2. Skills in identifying objects, building planning, content orientation,,
    3. Concepts &elements in building an organization’s image and 4) Understanding the factors in media resource mobilization.

The training series of Rainbow Academy 2022 has officially ended. However, we will be back soon. Follow the fanpage and Lighthouse website to update the latest news from Rainbow Academy 2023!

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