Recently, within the framework of the Highfun&Safe project in cooperation with ViiV Positive Action, The Lighthouse Social Enterprise had a visit and learned about outstanding models in working and providing services and support for the Chemsex community in Thailand.

The project team had the opportunity to meet with Mr. Francis Joseph, Regional Coordinator, Asian Drug User Network @NAPUD to learn about the Asian community’s drug use situation, strategies for working with regional-level communities, and efforts in advocating for drug users’ rights. The Lighthouse Social Enterprise expressed its desire to join the network as a member and contribute to the network development strategy in the next 5 years. See more at https://www.napud.org

We also visited and worked with @Ozone, a community organization that provides a safe, friendly space, backup supplies, communication materials, and consulting. prevention and treatment services on HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B, C through interesting projects like C-Free, … We learned how they put the community at the center, designing services that are appropriate for the community. communities, diversifying harm reduction goods suitable for different types of substance use, and empowering the community to provide services to the community.

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During this visit, we also got to visit Sauna @KRUBB and chat with its manager Khun Arm, we learned how they integrate harm reduction counseling services, safe use of Chemsex, packages Integrated service with sauna package, the participation of recreational services in solving community problems. Please refer to more information here: https://www.gaysaunabangkok.com/gallery

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Another outstanding model from APCOM, the Asian men’s health network with the TestBKK initiative, brings sexual, Chemsex topics closer to the community using attractive images and documents, in accordance with the needs and preferences of the community, removing physical barriers, integrating messages about healthy lifestyle to promote the service. Please see more here: https://www.testbkk.org

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On the last day of our visit, we were honored to receive a warm welcome from IHRI – Institute of HIV Research and Innovation. IRHI is a leading organization in Asia and the world in implementing clinical research, intervention studies, and providing services to communities affected by HIV. IHRI is supporting the operation of the transgender clinic Tangerine Clinic, which provides five-star services to the community including transgender drug users, and the Pribta clinic dedicated to the male sex community. homosexuality. The combined model of offering one-stop service and full of modern equipment, community-provided services and premium quality is the ideal model to aim for.

After the tour, we had the opportunity to internally share good models and effective actions to integrate harm reduction and support services for the Chemsex community at the Lighthouse Clinic and continue to develop new initiatives like HighFun.

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