On December 24th, a workshop on building capacity for comprehensive integrated HIV and mental health services took place in Quang Ninh City, Vietnam. The event was attended by representatives from EpiC Vietnam/FHI 360, CDC Quang Ninh, DNXH Hai Dang, and community organizations in the northern region.

This workshop marked the first experiential learning activity of the Community of Practice (CoP) program. CoP is an initiative developed through collaboration between EpiC Vietnam/FHI 360 and DNXH Hai Dang. Its goal is to enhance the capacity of community-based organizations in integrating mental health support into existing HIV services within an equitable learning environment.

Under the guidance of Dr. Le Sao Mai, a lecturer in Mental Health at Hai Phong University of Medicine and a psychiatrist at Hai Phong Mental Hospital, participants engaged in learning, networking, and deepening their foundational knowledge related to integrated HIV and mental health care for target populations. Key topics actively discussed included identifying human resources for integrated services, understanding the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration in service delivery, ethical considerations, cultural aspects, and remote medical applications in integrated care.

Based on the progress achieved during the conference, we can trust in a future where HIV and mental health services will be provided more effectively and compassionately. With enthusiasm and shared expertise among experts and organizations, new opportunities for comprehensive health care are on the horizon.

We hope that our relentless efforts will lead to a healthier community, where every individual has access to high-quality health services, including both HIV care and mental health support .

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