At the end of March, Lighthouse Social Enterprise organized a training program called Rainbow Academy 2024 for young leaders in the LGBTI+ community.

This initiative is part of a three-year project initiated and operated by the Lighthouse Social Enterprise, organized annually, with the aim of equipping young leaders and social activists of the LGBTI+ community with knowledge from basic to advanced on topics such as policy – law, communication, leadership, and many other interesting topics designed each year based on the needs and context of the community at that time.

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Within the three-day framework of the training program, the participants took part in activities such as playing games, role-playing, and interacting with guests, together learning about leadership skills, conflict resolution methods, effective team communication, and self-building project implementation plans. Specifically:

On the first day of the training program, the members introduced themselves, built classroom rules with the spirit of “One person speaks, many people listen”. Role-playing activities in leadership situations helped simulate different leadership styles such as “Complaining”, “Leading”, “Commanding”. At the end of the day, everyone shared about the “River of Life” – the important turning points that changed their lives.

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On the second day, the students focused on exploring the values that could make teamwork difficult and cause many conflicts. Activities in the training program such as “three stars seven stripes” pointed out the reasons why team communication is ineffective. Everyone also had the opportunity to present a new habit in life that they felt had made their life better.

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The last day of the training program brought many interesting experiences. The members had the opportunity to interact with guests, learn from the experience and lessons from implementing real projects. They also built their own project implementation plans and teams. The training day ended with the warm atmosphere of a music exchange and friendly hugs.

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The Rainbow Academy training program not only provides knowledge and skills, but also builds relationships and self-discovery. Each participant brings back valuable experiences, practical lessons, and new relationships. We greatly appreciates the interest and participation of all students. Lighthouse Social Enterprise hopes that the knowledge each people has learned will help each individual on the path of dedication to the upcoming community.

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