On October 20th and 21st, Viet (Mason) Trinh, Lighthouse’s Health Program Coordinator, spoke at Asia Pacific Youth Forum 2022 – Putting Young Key Populations First to End AIDS by 2030, as a speaker and a young key population representative from Vietnam.

On a panel with representatives from Papua New Guinea and India, Mason shared innovative practices led by young key populations in Vietnam in HIV/AIDS response. In particular, he introduced the key population (KP)-friendly model, an initiative by Lighthouse Social Enterprise. Mason highlighted the crucial role of community-based organizations and young key populations in evaluating and monitoring the friendly quality of relevant healthcare services. Consequently, he recommended that this initiative be applied on regional and national scales and with the support of the Centers of Disease Control (CDCs) and constituents of the Vietnam Ministry of Health.

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Mr. Trịnh Đình Minh Việt – Representative of The Lighthouse at the Disscussion Panel

One of the Forum’s highlights was the collaboration of youth leaders from 13 different countries in the Asia Pacific region toward developing 9 practical recommendations on improved engagement, leadership, and benefits specific to young key populations. Notably, youth representatives were able to disseminate such recommendations to the Government of Thailand’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Public Health, UNAIDS, UNICEF, and other UN-related affiliates.

Asia Pacific Youth Forum 2022 – Putting Young Key Populations First to End AIDS by 2030 was organized by the Government of Thailand, UNAIDS, and Youth LEAD with the aim of amplifying the voices of young key populations in the global movement to end AIDS by 2030.

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