Honoring the allies, companions of LGBTIQ+ community The Ceremony of Honor has taken place in the frame of the annual National LGBTIQ+ Summit – Stronger Together 2022.

After several meticulous discussing rounds, our experts/community advisors had awarded suitable organizations, individuals for 8 honoring categories amongst more than 100 nominations.

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✒ POLICY OF THE YEAR: Department of Legal Affairs – Ministry of Health

The official dispatch 4132/BYT-PC (Dispatch from the Ministry of Health) has reaffirmed the efforts of Vietnamese Government in the recognition, as well as the acknowledgement of the presence of LGBTIQ+ community. That being gay, bi-sexual, transgender is not a disease and there is no need for the intervention or forced treatment. Department of Legal Affairs is also the government office taking the responsibility, stringently support and pursuit advocating for the Draft law on Transgender.

💃 INSPIRATIONAL PERSON OF THE YEAR: 2nd Runner-up, Miss Supranational 2022, Nguyen Huynh Kim Duyen

Not only so devoted in the journey of becoming the Vietnamese representative to conquer the noble title in world’s beauty battlefields, Runner-up Kim Duyên also gave her enthusiastically supports and participates in the activities which greatly contribute to raising the voice and promoting the development of LGBTIQ+ community in the year via such roles as:

  • Ambassador accompanying An Giang Pride 2022 and Dong Thap Pride 2022 in Pride Month
  • Ambassador of the National LGBTIQ Conference 2021
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📸 PRESS OF THE YEAR: VOV2 – Vietnamese Voice Broadcast

VOV2 – Vietnamese Voice Broadcast, with its program of transgender, has honorably received the golden prize in the National Radio Festival. Accompanied with the transgender community for a very long time, VOV2 was doing transparent sketching of difficulties and obstacles that transgenders are facing and strongly raising their voice for the transgender, in specific and the LGBTIQ+ community, in general.

🏦 FRIENDLY MEDICAL FACILITY: Nam Tu Liem outpatient clinic

Nam Tu Liem outpatient clinic is a public health facility that has always been proactive in changing and centralizing the community. The facility provides flexible and convenient services for the customer, is also a beloved and trusted place for the LGBTIQ+ community.

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👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 PFLAG OF THE YEAR: Miss Nguyen Lang Mong, PFLAG Saigon

Mother Mong – Leader of PFLAG Saigon, from a quiet housewife, miss Mộng now becomes a social activist full of energy. The youth activists in Saigon commonly call “Mother Mộng “mẹ Mộng” (mother Mộng) for her friendliness and fervor. She is also gỏ incredible results such as:

  • Won the Companion of the Year award at the LGBTQ Honor Awards 2016
  • Became a speaker at the Asia-Pacific LGBT Conference in Cambodia 2017

🏅 THE ALLIANCE OF THE YEAR: Dr.Nguyen Le Hoai Anh, Hanoi Pedagogical University

As an enthusiastic supporter of the community, Mrs. Hoai Anh has advocated and strived her best to include the Social Work module with LGBT people in the Bachelor of Social Work curriculum at Hanoi National University of Education. Coincidentally, she is the editor of the book: Social Work with LGBT People, and the chair of a ministerial-level scientific project: the treatment of LGBT people in Vietnam. In 2021 – 2022, Ms. Hoai Anh is the one who implemented communication and education programs for pupils, students and teachers on diverse knowledge of gender – sexuality.

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🏤 THE RAINBOW SCHOOL: Trường Thi High School – Thanh Hóa

Truong Thi High School is the leading educational institution in the advocacy for diversity and inclusion in schools, protecting and creating a safe environment for LGBTIQ+ students in Vietnam with multiple activities associated with local organizations. One of the educational models which respects diversity, is inclusion for all students.

🏦 COMPANION ENTERPRISE: Reckitt (A brand from Durex)

Reckitt Enterprise, Durex Vietnam is a company that has always accompanied Pride events, events of comprehensive health for the community, promoting inclusion at the workplace, and pursuing the values of equity, respect and cooperation with local community organizations.

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RAINBOW ALLYSHIP CHAMPION 2022 Awards is a spiritual gift as a deep graduate with the positive contribution of companion individuals, and organizations during the process of sustainable development of the LGBTIQ+ community in Vietnam.

The LGBTIQ+ Summit wishes to express its utmost appreciation for all of the allies, individuals, and organizations that were and are supporting the presence and development of the “multiple colors” community as well as dedicated to the promotion of Rights, Health, and Equality for the community. We sincerely hope that the community will always have such precious allies as you all, on the way to a better future.

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