The LGBTI Inclusion Index is an initiative developed by the global UNDP to measure the inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people across five strategic areas including health, wellness, education, personal safety and violence, participation in political and civil life, and economic development. Under the coordination of UNDP, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (U.S.CDC), The Lighthouse Social Enterprise is one of the main units participating in the project, along with many governmental and non-governmental organizations, other LGBTI+ organizations across Vietnam.

In 2022, the pilot version of the Inclusion Index was announced at the Fourth Stronger Together Summit, in front of more than 150 LGBTI+ delegates across the country. The set of indicators includes 51 indicators, published by UNDP and the World Bank after extensive consultations. These indicators follow the structure and are compatible with those of the Sustainable Development Goals. The index aims to provide evidence for programs, policies and investments that promote LGBTI rights and inclusion.

The index is expected to continue to be implemented and perfected in the coming years and The Lighthouse Social Enterprise will continue to be the main unit participating in the project, focusing on the health aspect of the community.

You can check out the pilot version of the Indicators here:

Bộ chỉ số hòa nhập LGBTI+ | LGBTI+ Inclusion Index