This is the very first research to examine the violence towards Vietnamese LGBTI+ youth which they had to be faced in their daily life, study, and work.

After 04 months of proceeding, the research received nearly 1.000 responses with 528 legitimate respondents (surpassing the target number) from every sub-groups of the LGBTI+ community

The research examines the violence status on 04 sides:

    1. Physicality
    2. Mentality
    3. Sexuality
    4. Economic

The research helps us answer the questions:

    1. What is the violence status towards Vietnamese LGBTI+ individuals, nowadays?
    2. Which sort of violence could LGBTI+ face with? At what level of seriousness?
    3. Where could LGBTI+ people approach violence?
    4. How different the level of violence do LGBTI+ groups face?

Besides, the research would surely be vital scientific evidence for review, proposal, and policy advocacy for the future safety of Vietnamese LGBTI+ individuals!

The research had been reviewed and approved by the Research Ethics Committee of the Institute for Social Development Studies (ISDS) and conducted by the Health Program team at The Lighthouse Social Enterprise under the support of the Norwegian Organisation for Sexual and Gender Diversity (FRI).

The documented version of the research is published here: Final Report SGBV Study Lighthouse

You could watch the live stream of the publication and discussion of the research in the video below: