SponsorsY+ Global, UNAIDS

Lighthouse Social Enterprise, as the representative of Vietnam, has implemented the #UPROOT scorecard tool in collaboration with the Y+ Global network of young people living with HIV, with support from UNAIDS. The implementation process included preliminary scoring, consultations with the working group, consultations with the community, and consultations with relevant stakeholders.

The questionnaire was carefully reviewed and scored, with enthusiastic consultations from experts and representatives from various organizations, governmental agencies, and young people’s communities, including the Government Expert Group, Community Health and Legal Organizations…; and the Community Network, including organizations working on HIV/AIDS for young key populations, sexual and reproductive health for young people, student organizations, ethnic minority communities, LGBTQ+ communities, education communities, mental health care, disability communities, and communities living with HIV/AIDS.

Lighthouse social enterprise has introduced the Scorecard to consultants and beneficiaries who are interested in the details. The latest updates on laws and policies of the government and feedback from the youth community/organizations with practical experiences and deep-seated realities of each young community group were discussed in three lively consultation sessions.

As a result, Lighthouse social enterprise has collected and summarized the results to clarify the participation of young people in the national HIV/AIDS prevention and control work, as well as the actual situation of receiving support from international and domestic organizations, and the difficulties and barriers encountered in terms of resources, cooperation, geographic distance, etc.