TimeAnnual, organized (projected) on November
SponsorsPEPFAR, US.CDC, HMU (Hanoi Medical University), Netherlands Embassy, MPACT, Australian Aid, FRI, GILEAD, Asia Catalyst, UNDP Vietnam, YouthLEAD, AFAO, US.AID, EpiC, Planned Parenthood, Youth Voices Count, Durex, Movers Program, The University of North Carolina
OrganizerThe Lighthouse Social Enterprise

The National LGBTI+ Summit: Stronger Together is an annual event for the Vietnamese LGBTI+ community (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, and Other gender – sexual diversity groups). With the support from various domestic and international partners, the Summit was led and organized by The Lighthouse Social Enterprise – the leading organization in ensuring and promoting the Rights, Health, and Sustainable Development of Vietnamese LGBTI+ individuals. The Summit aims at:

  1. Foster the connection, interaction, experience sharing, and mutual cooperation amongst LGBTI+ individuals, and LGBTI+ organizations with other partners, government, and private organizations that are interested in solving LGBTI+ issues.
  2. Mobilize the united voice from the community in the problems relevant to Rights, Equality, Justice, Comprehensive Health, and the Sustainable Development of the Vietnamese LGBTI+ community.
  3. Define the obstacles, and solutions and strategically plan for the tangible activities on the basis of interdisciplinary cooperation towards a Healthy Future, Equality, and Sustainable Development of the Vietnamese LGBTI+ community.

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